destiny valladares walking with her dog around the ranch

About Destiny Valladares

Destiny Valladares ineracting with two ranch dogs

Destiny Valladares, of Harmony Canines stays current on canine behavior by attending continuing education workshops provided at Veterinary Symposiums across the country.

Harmony Canines was founded by Destiny Valladares in 2006.
As with many dog businesses Harmony Canines was born out of a love for animals at a young age. Destiny’s training experience began in 1984 with the inception of her grandfather’s boarding and training facility in San Antonio, TX. Destiny graduated from Texas A&M University with a Masters degree in Animal Science in 2001. In 2006 she completed an additional certification course and internship in canine obedience and behavior in Thousand Oaks, California through Animal Behavior College.
Destiny stays current on canine behavior by attending continuing education workshops provided at Veterinary Symposiums across the country. Her most recent workshops include lectures by Barbara Sherman, PhD, DVM, DACVB, Bonnie Beaver, DVM, DACVB, and Susan Friedman, PhD. Destiny has also attended workshops taught by trainer celebrities Cesar Milan and Victoria Stilwell.
In January of 2013 she had the rare opportunity to learn from an incredibly gifted group of trainers at Dolphin Quest in Oahu. Studying multiple species only enhances our knowledge of behavior in general. Given what we can accomplish with animals in water proves that there is a world of untapped potential with our four-legged family members on land.
Her all-time favorite behaviorists are Susan Friedman, PhD and Sophia Yin DVM, MS.
Destiny is also a member of the Pet Care Services Association.
Boasting of more than twenty years of experience, Harmony Canines offers complete canine solutions. Ninety percent of families who receive help from Harmony are referred by local veterinarians. Harmony aims for a better behaved dog coupled with a well-equipped family.
More than sixty-five veterinarians in over forty veterinary hospitals in the greater San Antonio area trust Harmony Canines with their training and behavioral needs.
Destiny Valladares interacting with a dolphin
Destiny Valladares being kissed by a huge seal
Destiny Valladares intteracting with a couple of dolphins
Bee Vasquez
Bee Vasquez with a dog, be is a dog trainer at Harmony Canines
I am doing what I love. Like so many Americans, I lost my job during the recession and had the opportunity to think about what makes me happy. My pets. They are my family. They are my children. I treat them like my children and I will give your pets that same TLC.

I started out by taking care of friends’ and families’ pets and that quickly grew into a regular and diverse client group. I have cared for dogs, cats, birds,
hamsters, rabbits, turtles and fish.

Over the years I developed an interest in training and animal behavior, and became certified through Animal Behavior College.
Today, I work in the San Antonio area with Harmony Canines, helping families gain a better understanding of puppies and unruly behavior.
Dawn McClure
Bee Vasquez with a dog, be is a dog trainer at Harmony Canines
My career as a certified dog trainer is built on a deep love of dogs, stemming from my relationship with a Golden Retriever named Breathless. Breathless led me down a path of increasing love and appreciation of dogs and taught me about the unconditional love that dogs offer people. I developed a passion for dogs and wanted to learn how I could use that passion to keep dogs in their homes and out of animal shelters.

I started my career by volunteering in an animal shelter walking dogs. I saw many amazing dogs euthanized because nobody wanted them. As a result, I became a certified dog trainer through Animal Behavior College and today I’m able to help families thrive with their dogs and not turn to the shelter as an option.
Rene Smith
Bee Vasquez with a dog, be is a dog trainer at Harmony Canines
I grew up in a home where 3 Great Danes were my best friends. A few years after graduating from high school, and joining the army, I retired and had to find a new passion. I knew exactly where I belonged, back in the dog world.

I began fostering dogs and kittens for ACS, and through this I realized that giving these animals another chance at a good life is what I was called to do. While saving these dogs, I found a new purpose. With each puppy I became more interested in effective training methods for issues ranging from potty training to resource guarding, so I could better assist them in being placed into new homes. Two years later I completed my training certification with Animal Behavior College.

Today I have several personal rescue dogs who assist me with the rotating fosters coming through our home. Not all dogs come to us in great shape, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a chance. I’m here to help give your pup that chance. 
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