Dog Training Resources

Most training and behavior solutions can't be just read about. In order to fix problems, the owner must actively learn and practice new behaviors with a professional who can gently guide them along the right path.
The internet is full of dog behavior misinformation.
What makes it even more confusing for dog owners is that trainers hold different philosophies.
For many dog owners, it's nearly impossible to know if what you're reading on-line or in books is the truth, or if it can be helpful for your particular situation. I strongly recommend that you DO NOT attempt to educate yourself on a variety of internet resources. You can't know if your search is turning up reputable information or not.
The one site that will never steer you wrong is
This site is full of FREE information and it is all considered 'gospel' in the realm of training and behavior.
Please don't waste your time searching and attempting to decipher what's true and what's not. Trust Dr. Sophia Yin's guidance and hire a trusted trainer for hands-on help ASAP.
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Local Dog Businesses and Training Resources
My Favorite Boarding and Daycare Facilities
Walking Services
Are you disabled, elderly or unable to walk your dog? Please don't consider paying neighborhood kids to do this. Off-leash dogs are a problem in every neighborhood. Asking kids to walk your dog is setting both the kids and the dog up for potential disaster.
Passion Fur Paws is a professional dog walking and pet-sitting business. It's worth your while to pay professionals to handle your dog(s) so that the walk is always a positive experience, an effective training session, and safe for both the dogs and the humans.
Visit Passion Fur Paws website at for the perfect walk and trustworthy pet-sitting services.

Kara's K-9 Retreat

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Daycare Experience
Charlie & Madeleine of 'Charlie's Backyard' provide a boutique doggy daycare experience in their own home.
Visit them on Dog Vacay and see for yourself that they are head and shoulders above the rest.
Charlie's Backyard
Referring Veterinarians
Acres North Animal Hospital
Affordable Pet Care – Basse Rd.
Affordable Pet Care Northwest
Alamo Hills Animal Hospital
Alamo Ranch Animal Hospital
Animal Hospital of Westover Hills
Babcock Hills Vet Hospital
Bergheim Pet Hospital & Clinic
Blanco Crossing Vet Hospital
Blanco North Animal Hospital
Boerne Stage Vet Clinic
Boerne Vet Clinic
Cibolo Canyons Vet Hospital
Cibolo Creek Vet Clinic
Cibolo Small Animal Hospital
County Line Veterinary Clinic, New Braunfels
Deerfield Animal Hospital

DeZavala Banfield
Eagle Vet Clinic
Encino Park Vet Clinic
Family Pet Hospital
Fischer Vet Clinic
Friendship Pet Hospital

Great Northwest Animal Hospital
Helotes Park Animal Hospital
Herbst Vet Clinic

Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital
Lake Hills Vet Clinic
Leon Springs Animal Medical Center
Lincoln Heights Vet Clinic

Mobilecare Veterinary Clinic
New Braunfels Banfield
New Braunfels Vet Clinic
Northern Oaks Bird & Animal Hospital

Northwood Animal Hospital
Olmos Park Animal Hospital
Perrin-410 Animal Hospital
Pets First Vet Center
Schertz Animal Hospital
Southwest Texas Vet Medical Center
The Animal Hospital of Smithson Valley
Towne North Animal Hospital
Traveling Tails Vet Clinic
VCA Castle Hills
VCA Henderson Pass Clinic
VCA Leon Springs
VCA Mission Animal Hospital
William-Sebby Vet Clinic – San Marcos

Windcrest Banfield