Farm, Ranch and Hunting Dog

Destiny Valladares, owner of Harmony Canines throws a fake duck to a lake for dog to fetch

Harmony Canines offers a variety of personalized services to meet the needs of you and your canine.

The Farm-Ranch Dog
Dogs can learn to behave around livestock. There are some foundational leadership principles that need to be in place but it’s possible. You can’t expect excellent behavior from puppies but once your dog is about 10 months old, it’s easy and fun to train him to behave well in the presence of other animals.
There are a few ‘common sense’ boxes to check before we attempt this. If your dog is a tiny, 5-lb. companion animal or if he has a long history of multi-species aggression, it’s a bad idea to try to expose him to livestock. You’d be setting all the animals up for failure. However, gun dogs, retrievers, pointers, herders and nearly any working dog type can usually be trained to handle the job of following his owner in the presence of livestock.
Dog training around horses
Hunting Dog Training Services
Gun Training
Ideally it’s best to make sure you don’t already have or accidentally create a gun-shy dog. Although your dog’s temperament plays a big part in their ability to tolerate loud noises, almost any dog can be trained to tolerate gun shots if the dog is exposed properly.

Many hunters ‘wing it,’ and take their dog out to the lease and just start shooting. Some people get lucky and the dog doesn’t bolt. Many of you reading this have lost dogs this way. If you haven’t, it’s only a matter of time.

There’s a simple method to building up the experience so that your dog is trained to enjoy it from the very beginning.
Destiny Valladares training hunting dogs
Training a dog for retrieval
The Recall
The recall (coming when called) is imperative because you don’t just want a dog, you want your dog hunting with you. It’s imperative that you train a solid recall immediately. It’s the most important behavior in the field to master. If you can’t call your dog off of raccoons, deer, porcupines, rabbits or anything else you didn’t intend to hunt, you risk losing all the time and money you spent on your hunting dog.
When young dogs enter the field with you they’re intrigued by everything. Since you won’t expect field-trial perfection from a young gun dog, the recall is the place to spend your training time. It’s simple and can be trained easily but you absolutely must continue to practice it weekly.
If you’re a hunter, you or the crew you hunt with has at least one story on a great hunting dog that was lost too soon. This is 100% preventable if you spend time training the recall first.
Training dogs for recall
destiny valladares training a dog for finding things with its nose
Finding things with your nose is a natural desire of almost all dogs so it’s easy and fun to train. Your dog needs to know the scent that’s important to you and he needs motivation to flush it out and retrieve it for you.
Not all dogs naturally retrieve. Some trainers teach the ‘force fetch.’ I believe that the force fetch training is not for every gun dog. Some hunting dogs who are all-around good gun dogs have docile, gentle temperaments. These are the types of dogs whom I believe the force fetch can be detrimental. This is a personal opinion.
If you have a hardy, gladiator-type dog, the force-fetch may be a great option.

I prefer to teach hunting with a pack of dogs who capture a variety of bents and exploit those individual talents naturally. Some dogs naturally track, some point, some retrieve etc.
Most gun dogs can easily learn to retrieve.
trainng huting dogs for tracking, point and retrieval
trainng huting dogs for tracking, point and retrieval
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