Frequently Asked Questions

Harmony Canines offers a variety of personalized services to meet the needs of you and your canine. We aim to help provide you with with a better behaved dog, coupled with a well-equipped family.

Frequently Asked Questions
What happens during a training session?

‘Dog Training’ is code for Human Training. Dogs behave according to how their owners behave. When you’re dealing with what I call ‘unruly’ behaviors in and around the home, our time together will be spent helping you understand how to change your human habits so that your dog can then change his.
Likewise all sorts of anxieties and aggressive behaviors are born out of some missing piece of the HUMAN puzzle. So be prepared to go to work on human habits in and around your home.
How much time will I have to spend training my dog every day?

This depends on many factors.
The main reason I have a job is because dogs are cooped up and do not get out enough.. beyond the home and the backyard. Most of your ‘training’ time involves exercise. So be prepared to spend more time exercising your dog rather than training him. Training is the easy part. Exercise is the bigger time commitment. These two crucial pieces of a dog’s life go hand in hand.
And now that you’re busy conjuring up all kinds of excuses in your head right now about why you can’t exercise your dog, take heart. Anyone can get this done, no matter your physical handicap, age, time restraints, or how hard your dog pulls you.
What are your training philosophies?

I highly recommend you spend time finding the most reputable sites and trainers before taking just anyone’s advice. Everyone knows a ‘dog expert’ in the family. That person usually has no formal training but claims to have some ‘way with dogs’ because they’ve had 10 of them in their lifetime. Use caution with the well-intentioned advice of friends and family. I liken this to self-diagnosing your upper-respiratory infection and taking your family member’s left-over antibiotics for yourself. Probably not the smartest way to get better.
Additionally, simply getting online and doing a google search about ‘why my dog hates other dogs’ can lead you straight into the pits of all kinds of misinformation. As you’re trying to figure out how to solve your own dog problems consider the following crucial components before choosing a reputable website, book or trainer:

1. What kind of credential does this person carry?
 They need to be credentialed/ certified by a training entity. Here are a few:
  • Starmark (formerly known as Triple Crown) is a well-known local training facility

2. Do they provide a long list of referring clients or veterinarians on their website?
3. Do they give out free advice on their site or do they have a list of additional resources available?
How do you feel about spaying and neutering?
Unless dog breeding is your livelihood or you spend all of your spare time on the show circuit or in field trials, I believe your animal should be spayed or neutered. Nearly every family that calls me is utilizing their dog as a COMPANION. Not a champion.You’ve got to be honest with yourself. Sure, maybe you’d like to breed your dog, but the truth is, you don’t know when you’ll get around to it. By the time you do, the dog’s socialization window has closed, you’ve noticed your dog has become ‘slightly more aggressive’ over the months or years and now you’re faced with a serious behavioral problem; all because you thought you might want to breed one day. It’s a sad phone call that I get every single week about the owner who finds themselves in this predicament. When you wait to spay and neuter, for whatever your reason, you open yourself up to a whole host of behavioral risks, for which you will likely eventually call me (or someone like me) for help. If you’ve waited to spay and neuter until your dog is 1.5 years or older, there are some things that behaviorally we cannot undo. Instead of debating with people about spaying and neutering, you really should take your veterinarian’s advice. Most of them will tell you to get this done sooner than later. It’s dangerous to think you know better. Every single week I deal with the sad behavioral phone calls of owners who did not get it done in time. Most of you reading this are enjoying (or would like to enjoy) your dog as a COMPANION. Since behavior is what has likely driven you to this site, spaying and neutering is the very first step to take in the right behavioral direction.
How much is this going to cost me?
Most families will need to block off 3 hours for our time together. During that time we will address ALL of your concerns. I have a solution or five for every issue you have. All I need is a willing human family to make dog training happen. If you’ll devote three hours to habit change, and commit to staying consistent with it as a family every single day (or at least five days per week), you likely will not need me back. Training sessions start at $375 but can go as high as $500 depending on:
  • The severity of your issues
  • The number of dogs in your home
  • The number of humans in your home
  • The location of your home (Farm and ranch visits
    can be more expensive.)

Some families will call me for potty training only. Others will call for help with protection on the walk only. Your issue may be incredibly simple and we may only need an hour and a half. For things that can be fixed easily, we can set up a very inexpensive and much less time-consuming consultation. That’s the beauty of working with a private trainer. Each session is customizable to the exact needs of your family. It’s best to call for an appropriate quote.
If you need a follow-up after our initial visit, just call. Follow-ups are much less expensive, we’re together for 1-1.5 hours and we’re working on one of three things: 1) holding you accountable to the habit change because you work best with that kind of hand-holding  2) perfecting a cue that for some reason a family member (dog or human) is struggling with3) moving on to advanced training such as the off-leash re-call.

We also offer FARM, RANCH & HUNTING DOG training services

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