Services & Reservations

1) In-Home Puppy Consultation
Puppies present a host of behaviors we humans are often ill-equipped to deal with. Owners often receive well-meaning ‘advice’ from friends and family, without a lot of successful application.

Let us give you our professional and fool-proof protocol for raising a well-behaved puppy. Puppyhood lasts from 0-2 years of age. You will want to capitalize on every opportunity during those crucial first years in order to shape your puppy into a properly socialized, well-mannered adult dog. The most common issues puppy owners struggle with are potty training, understanding socialization, jumping, nipping, chasing, barking, whining & chewing, just to name a few.
Every in-home puppy consultation is tailored to the specific needs of the family. For instance, if you’re trying to integrate a puppy into a home where an older dog exists, we’ll need to spend time teaching you how to make that happen as peacefully as possible.

  • Puppy Consultations usually last 2.5 – 3 hours and cost $375.
  • Families need only one of these.
  • The family is well-equipped with electronic or printed materials during and after the session to reinforce what they learned after training is over.
You will be charged a deposit of $150.00 when you schedule this session. The remainder will be billed upon completing the session.  All credit cards accepted.
2) Puppy Consultation Follow-Ups
Puppy owners who have large-breed dogs such as Labs, Goldens, Great Danes, and mixed breeds over 40lbs may find that a follow-up is necessary at the 9-month, 12-month or 1.5-year mile markers. This type of follow-up usually focuses on perfecting the on-leash walk.

Since the dog has become much larger and more powerful than he was during our puppy consultation, owners usually need help crossing over to the next walking tool. We consider the energy level of the dog & the temperament in order to select the right walking tool for you. Contrary to what most people believe, the harness is not an appropriate walking tool for every dog. In this follow-up we explore most of the tools on the market and discover which one(s) match the needs of the owner and his companion.

  • These sessions are between 1 & 1.5 hours and cost $125.
  • If they have done their homework – following the Puppy Consultation, families may only need up to two of these over the course of the first 2 years of a dog’s life.
  • Owners of small dogs don’t always need follow-ups if the dog’s weight doesn’t change dramatically in the growing phases of the first 2 years.
  • We welcome follow-ups for small dogs, and we do plenty of them, but you owners often have it a little easier than your large-dog owning counterparts.  You’re less likely to need as many follow-ups as owners who have dogs over 30-40lbs.
You will be charged a deposit of $50.00 when you schedule this session. The remainder will be billed upon completing the session.  All credit cards accepted.
3) Basic Obedience Consultation
Owners who have acquired a dog that is out of puppyhood (1.5 – 2 years and older) can find this session helpful. This session usually consists of help with regular obedience needs: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave It, Off, etc..
These owners are dealing with dogs who are usually obnoxious or unruly and have no idea how to function in the world without steam-rolling people or other dogs in a purely excitable fashion. They are simply having too much fun. They’re not aggressive at all. They don’t bite. They just never learned a single drop of impulse control.

  • Length of this session may vary . It’s common for families to need 3 hours for learning how to manage the over-excitable dog.
  • The cost is $375.
  • It’s unlikely a follow-up will be necessary as long as the family continues to work the plan.
You will be charged a deposit of $150.00 when you schedule this session. The remainder will be billed upon completing the session.  All credit cards accepted.
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4) Generalized Anxiety, Separation Anxiety & Fear Session
Dogs who suffer any of the following symptoms need this session: Spinning, shaking, trembling, salivating, whining, incessant licking, incessant barking, busting out of crates, busting out of back yards repetitively, destroying your house when you leave, fleeing from humans, urinating or defecating when afraid, abnormal sleep patterns and pacing, to name a few.
Owners learn how to manage and hopefully eliminate these symptoms over time. There are scores of triggers for these symptoms, but what’s important is getting the human informed about how to properly distract and enrich the dog before, during or after the trigger presents. This session is almost entirely human training. The dog will learn a lot but the human will learn more. The dog absolutely will not improve if the owner cannot commit to some degree of daily exercise done with the dog OUTSIDE the house and BEYOND the backyard.
Every fear/anxiety case is different in terms of how fast they resolve and what tools are helpful in management and resolution. Owners are free to call me over the course of weeks and months if necessary in order to tweak the anxiety protocol as needed.

  • This session usually lasts 3 hours as well and the starting fee is $375.
  • If we have multiple anxious dogs in a household, the fee may increase.

You will be charged a deposit of $150.00 when you schedule this session. The remainder will be billed upon completing the session.  All credit cards accepted.
5) The Management and Prevention of Aggression
If your dog has bitten humans or other dogs, it’s an aggressive animal. Often it’s difficult for owners to come to terms with this. Rest assured that this is a common problem – unfortunately. Like anxiety, there are various triggers for a dog bite. I will help you figure out why, what likely went wrong, and most importantly – HOW YOU MAY PREVENT IT IN THE FUTURE.

This session is mostly human training. Most dogs become aggressive due to human error. Some are most certainly what I call ‘DNA aggressive,’ or naturally this way. These dogs are few and far between. Humans almost always create (albeit accidentally and unknowingly) most aggression in dogs. We won’t spend as much time on what you’ve done wrong as we will on WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW to put a stop to it.
Owners should be prepared to do the following BEFORE they call me about their aggressive animal:
  • SPAY OR NEUTER (no exceptions).
  • Adopt the exercise program I teach.
  • Commit to restructuring the way the dog sleeps, eats and roams the house or property.
  • Accept the limitations in which the dog can operate as their ‘new normal.’
  • Accept that aggressive animals are managed appropriately and that their aggression can be PREVENTED, while there is no general ‘treatment’ for aggression that will restore the dog back to it’s malleable, paedomorphic puppyhood state. In other words, we are often working within the limits of what we now HAVE, not what we might want. Once dogs have practiced aggression, they know it works, so it may easily become part of their ‘tool-box.’

  • Dedicated owners will learn how to manage and prevent aggression through the use of proper body language, not by manhandling dogs or putting them in situations where they’ve consistently failed in the past. Aggression cases are involved and complex.
  • The fee starts at $400 and increases based on the type of aggression the dog exhibits. Additionally, if multiple aggressive dogs live in the home, the fee will increase.
  • Owners should expect 3-4 hours of education. Follow-ups will be as needed, based on the specific needs of the family.
  • Compliant owners of severely aggressive dogs usually see me about 4-5 times total.
  • Moderately (more predictable and straightforward) aggressive dogs may only need 1-2 sessions, only if owners commit to the protocol.
  • Follow-ups for aggressive cases range from $125-$200, depending on the severity of the aggression.
You will be charged a deposit of $160.00 when you schedule this session. The remainder will be billed upon completing the session.  All credit cards accepted.
6) Cliff Notes Training
Some owners don’t want to or can’t spend the time and money it takes to properly train. We can still help you to some degree, with the exception of anxiety and aggression cases. Those cases require a good deal of owner commitment.
If you can’t afford an in-home, private session, you have the option of meeting us at our office for a quick 1-hour visit to learn as much as you can about almost any subject. Bring your dog, be ready to get to work, and let’s see how much we can get done in a short time. People who utilize this service are usually interested in only potty training or only leash walking for example.

  • This service can range from $95 - $125, because although it’s set for only 1 hour, owners usually need a little more time than that.
You will be charged a deposit of $50.00 when you schedule this session. The remainder will be billed upon completing the session.  All credit cards accepted.
7) Farm & Ranch Dog Consultation
This session is for owners who need their dog to behave around livestock. Some dogs believe they need to herd everything; horses, calves, goats etc.. They lack impulse control, causing owners expensive vet visits and time lost. Teaching a dog what it can and can’t herd is what this visit is designed for.  

  • These sessions are usually short and inexpensive.
  • Please call for details at (361) 548-5057
8) Intro to hunting
These sessions can be short as well. If your dog is over 1.5 years, you may not need to do any preliminary puppy work. We’ll get right to field training. If you’re interested in hunting and your puppy is under 6 months, we usually need to cover the basics of the puppy consultation. Intro to hunting covers off-leash training, gun desensitization, dummy retrieval, exposure to birds, appropriate ranging, quartering, and teaching your dog an aversion to the wildlife you are NOT hunting. I train owners with their dogs, simultaneously. You’ll work one-on-one with me.

  • These sessions are tailored to your specific needs.
  • Please call for a quote at (361) 548-5057
  • If you’re interested in a board-&-train experience for your hunting dog, I’ll refer you to my colleagues who will provide this service for you.