Destiny Valladares, of Harmony Canines stays current on canine behavior by attending continuing education workshops provided at Veterinary Symposiums across the country.

Larry & Maili Peters
Destiny’s knowledge of animal behavior is truly exceptional.  From in the home, taking your pet to the vet or in public, all the way out to field training.  She was able to identify immediately trouble areas with our two puppies and was able to put together a plan of action.  Almost over-night we started to see a change for the positive.  Destiny is always ready with positive comments and reassurance throughout the training process, both in person or just checking-in.  Today, as a result of Destiny’s plan and expertise in training both us and the dogs, we can confidently take our pups out in public without worry, and their behavior at home has vastly improved.

Every time we take the dogs out for a walk, or in public, we are continuously getting words of praise from strangers about our dogs and how well-behaved they are.  Their progress continues to amaze me every time Destiny introduces the next level.  There isn’t a trainer I would recommend higher, or with undeniable confidence than Destiny! 
Taylor Wilkowski

Destiny is by far one of the best trainers I have had the pleasure of working with. Every word she says holds such truth and confidence. Throughout my schooling with ABC, I came across this talented trainer who would become my Mentor, not only as a title for my externship, but for my actual life as well. I didn't just learn how to handle the most difficult cases of stubborn or fearful dogs through her, but I have gained the confidence in myself that I never thought was possible. Destiny is kind, confident, concise, considering, and truly a great person. She is able to tell you how it is in the worst of situations and still help you feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, with a cheerful smile on her face.
In the time I have spent with her, I have never felt self-conscious about asking questions, nor has she ever made me feel "lower" than her because I am inexperienced. For anyone who thinks Cesar Millan is the "dog whisperer", they are mistaken. The real dog whisperer only needs one name to explain what  real dog training is about, and that's Destiny.
She has taught me so much in just the short time I have had the honor to work with her, and I couldn't be more thankful. This is my passion, and I couldn't have done it with out you Destiny, thank you!
Kind regards,

Mary Berry
These are emails Mary sent me to keep me posted about the progress of her street dog rescue 'Sophie' at he vet's office. Mary originally called me to help Sophie stop snapping at the veterinarian and at Mary as well.  

1.  Look how calm!  Third visit to the vet in two days. She has had an upset stomach for two days and there is something there that isn't moving. We now have her in a specialty clinic for gastroscopy. The great news is.. they all are raving at what a good girl she is being. She's done really well. We are waiting on her in the procedure. Thanks for all you've done to make her this well-behaved. We have decided to do endoscopy now to find out what's going on. Thank you! 💜
2.  They found that Sophie has inflammation of the duodenum, upper part of small intestine. They sent biopsies for testing.  Putting her on new diet. She'll be fine. Ready to go home in a few hours. Thank you again.
3.  Had to take her back in this am for subcutaneous fluids and meds. Up all night with diarrhea that eventually turned bloody. She has continued to be a champ at the vets. They tell me she has been an angel.. She put her little nose right into the muzzle even with no treats today. She's such a good girl. A sick one too.
We couldn't be here without you. Keep doing what you do. I gave them your info at this specialty hospital too so go by and meet them.
I also want to tell you how very grateful I am for you and your support with Sophie. I feel like I'm calling on family to help when I call you!  You are the very best and we all love you.
Sophie made it home without barfing in the car and she is now pooped out in the floor. SUCCESS!!!!
Tracy Colvin, DVM
Uvalde, TX
"Destiny always treats clients and their precious pets with compassion. She has a unique kind, caring and professional manner.  Her commitment to continuing education coupled with lifelong experience handling dogs makes her a leader in the industry of dog training. I admire her talent and commitment."
Thank you for all you do for all the people and their pooches.  
Tracy Colvin, DVM 
Brad & Jeannie Cornell
Boerne, TX
I have never met a more qualified Trainer than Destiny, her wisdom and discernment when dealing with animals is exceptional.
She redirected the bad habit our shih tzu was doing inside to taking it outside, what a blessing that was. She also recommended the perfect dog for our family based on our lifestyle and temperament. If you are looking for a trainer that has all the experience and patience required for training your animal Destiny should be your choice.
She is the best!
 Brad & Jeannie Cornell 
Their dogs, Jen & Bella
Kari McGlothlin, DVM
Cibolo Canyons Veterinary Hospital
San antonio, TX
Destiny is a knowledgeable, compassionate and effective dog trainer right here in our community. She has years of training and experience in handling canine behavioural issues and truly understand how dogs think and react to different situations. Being able to refer my patients and their caretakers to a highly educated, personable and trustworthy trainer is invaluable to my veterinarian practice. Most behavioural issues begin and/or take place at home, so having a trainer that will perform an evaluation in the pet’s home is essential.
I have known Destiny almost 10 years and I have referred dozens of dog loving families to her. She has made a huge difference in the relationship between my patients and their caretakers which is vital to the human-animal bond they are forming.
Kari McGlothlin, DVM
Cibolo Canbyons Veterinary Hospital
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